So You’ve Decided You Need Your Own “Eat Pray Love”

Traveling solo as a woman is one of the most challenging, liberating and life changing things I have ever done.  I have never been so present in the moment as when I waking up in a city not my own and my first thought is “what do I want to do today?”  

If this is something that calls to you, below are my 8 tips on traveling solo – especially internationally.  

  1. Hire a driver for airport transportation.  100% worth it. And girl…you deserve to be fabulous.
  2. Stay at an AirBnB – one of my favorite things is to feel like I live there.  Plus the host usually has the best local recommendations.
  3. Schedule a personal guided tour for your first or second day there.  This will help you get a lay of the land and learn your way around. You can make notes for more places to visit later and they will always know the best spots.
  4. Hire someone to do a half-day photography tour.  Selfies are great – but you know that cool landmark would look even better in the background if someone else was taking a pic. AirBNB Experiences is a great place for this.  Tons of professional photographers who would love to show you their city and take some photos. 
  5. Don’t be afraid to sit at a restaurant by yourself.  I know this is a hard one for some people. But ma’am, you already did the hard part by going on this trip solo.. You take your fine self out to dinner!  I have met so many interesting people this way.
  6. Download Google Maps offline for walking directions.  Enough said.
  7. Download the local language in Google Translate.  This feature is amazing. It will even read and translate menus for you.  Although, half the fun is figuring out how to communicate. 
  8. Sit.  Drink.  Breath. Enjoy. 


March 14, 2020




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