Only In The Darkness Can You See The Stars

Art and love are the same thing; It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.

– Chuck Klosterman

I have found in this journey of mine that when I am true to myself and follow my guidance it brings some amazing people on my journey with me.  

One of those is my dear friend Jon Buko.  He is such a talented artist and inspiring soul.  I couldn’t think of anyone better to help me see my body as something more than good vs. bad.  So we got together, threw on some tunes, poured some tequila and used my body as a canvas for his stunning art.  He gave me such a gift. The gift of looking at a picture of myself and seeing something beautiful. Seeing a work of art, instead of all the things I don’t like about it.  

Turning 40 has been wonderful.  I have let go of so many expectations for myself that don’t serve me.  I am doing more things that make me happy and worrying so much less about what other people think.  With all these amazing things have also come some challenges. My body has changed. I was diagnosed with PCOS and multiple hormonal issues.  The past year has been full of ups and downs with health and through all this it has been difficult not get angry at my body. At times I feel like it is working against me.  When I look in the mirror all I can see are the things about it I don’t like. I want to change this. I also realize eating right and working out is not going to be enough. I need to look at my body as something more than good vs. bad.  So Buko, thank you. Thank you for giving me a way to start to see the beauty.  

March 15, 2020

Good Vibes



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