Looking for Love in All the RIGHT Places

In the 1992 movie “Singles” Bridget Fonda’s character, Janet, starts off with this long list of things she is looking for in the right man.  By the end of the movie she has just one item left. She wants a man who says “gesundheit” when she sneezes. To her a man who does this, is the considerate man she is looking for.  This has stayed with me since I first watched this movie in 1992. I think that Janet was narrowing in on her Love Language before that was even a thing.

Do you know your love language? 

In this day an age of digital dating when everyone is just a swipe away you need to really know what works for you.  Even then it feels like an uphill battle. For me it is definitely Acts of Service. Show me what I mean to you. Full disclosure, I don’t like talking about my feelings, so really don’t want a man who does.  I am all about a man who knows what he needs to do to take care of me and just does it. I am a very femine energy woman who needs a very confident strong masculine energy man. A man who doesn’t hesitate to take action.  A man who shows me he loves me by sending me dinner when I have a bad day. Who surprises me with champagne when I have an amazing one. Who gets my tire fixed for me even though he knows I am perfectly capable of doing it myself.  When I envision him in my head I feel/see a man who is strong. Who is secure. He is so steady. He has energy like a tree that can’t be moved. Definitely a beard. HAHA

The point of all this is I figure it out pretty quickly if he has this energy.  If you listen, really listen they will tell you who they are. When you have a bad day do they step it up or step it back?  When you are a confident woman who is very capable of taking care of herself…don’t settle for a man who does anything less.  Make sure he says “gesundheit” when you sneeze.

March 14, 2020




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