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I'm Rebecca, the woman also known as SassyDork.

I love fashion, champagne, discovering new places where I can drink champagne and my pup Bowie. I believe that being a spiritual woman in my 40's doesn't have to look a certain way. Nothing gets me more excited than helping others to upgrade their life through authentic creative expression.  


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You have been doing this thing called life for a bit and are ready for an UPGRADE. I am right there with you - it is time for a MID-LIFE UPGRADE. What is that dream you have always had, but life happened? The time for excuses and waiting is done. I am here to support you and remind you that God rewards courage.


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Only In The Darkness Can You See The Stars

Good Vibes

Art and love are the same thing; It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you. – Chuck Klosterman I have found in this journey of mine that when I am true to myself and follow my guidance it brings some amazing people on my journey with me.   One of those is […]


Looking for Love in All the RIGHT Places


In the 1992 movie “Singles” Bridget Fonda’s character, Janet, starts off with this long list of things she is looking for in the right man.  By the end of the movie she has just one item left. She wants a man who says “gesundheit” when she sneezes. To her a man who does this, is […]


My Faith My Way: The Beginning


My relationship with God has been a complicated one. I was raised for the first part of my life Catholic. We went to mass and I attended private Catholic schools all the way through high school. Prayer and religion to me was a duty. A class. Something you got graded on. When I was in […]


So You’ve Decided You Need Your Own “Eat Pray Love”


Traveling solo as a woman is one of the most challenging, liberating and life changing things I have ever done.  I have never been so present in the moment as when I waking up in a city not my own and my first thought is “what do I want to do today?”   If this is […]


Mirror Mirror on The Wall Who is The Fairest of Them All?

Good Vibes

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  Do you see someone who deserves all the happiness in the world?  Who deserves to be loved?   This is something I struggle with on a daily basis.  Sometimes all I can see is that my thighs are bigger than I want them to be.  That […]


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It’s Never Not Worth It

Good Vibes

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t get my dreams on my own.  I had help and still need help all the time. She is so much more than a therapist.  She is my mentor, my spiritual guide, my life coach and the person who pushes me to the point where I […]


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You deserve to live your most un-apologetically authentic creative and meaningful life. God rewards courage, so go be your bad-ass self and enjoy the ride.